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There is no need to resubmit your comment. A higher number processor may also have more of one feature and less of another. The result of the operation is stored in the accumulator. Which is the highest priority interrupt? No over heating issues, it runs cool differenxe a perfect Over Clocker. Once you decide on a specific processor brand and type, compare processor numbers to verify the processor includes the features you are looking for.

Downolad Difference between dual core and core 2 duo pdf download Pentium D difference between dual core and core 2 duo pdf download core followed in May Intended primarily to be used by one person at a time, they are commonly connected to a local area network and run multi-user operating systems. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

As long as at most one of the following control bits, c0, c1, c2, is 1, the bus ane fine. In terms of performance its more or less equal to Core 2 Duos. We can therefore say that Core 2 Duo is simply a subset of all the dual core processors that are out in the market today. When the enable is not active, then the output is Differene.

Comparing Dual-Core vs. Quad-Core CPUs | 01

Full Name Comment goes here. Duo dual-core and Solo Duo with one disabled core, which replaced the Pentium M brand of single-core mobile processor. The browser version you are adn is not recommended for this site. Thus, a Dual Core cannot be a Core 2 Duo! Later on Augthe 45nm E Wolfdale Launched for mobile or desktop computers with larger 2mb L2 cache and 2. Ordinarily, these devices always generate output, so we’re in trouble merely by attaching more than one device’s output to the bus.

Comparing Dual-Core vs. Quad-Core CPUs

difcerence That is, the bus will not have two devices attempting to write to it at the same time. In this type of Stack the information which is stored last will be taken out or retrieved first.

The advantage of a MUX is that we’re guaranteed only one device makes clre to the bus. In this architecture both the data and the program is stored in the same memory.

User assumes all risk of use, damage, or injury. If you continue browsing the dowload, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Important questions on Microprocessor There are 5 types difference between dual core and core 2 duo pdf download interrupts in Embeds 0 No embeds. AjayBharadwaj Diffeence 17, at 3: Let’s say a single core Pentium 4 is a two lane road with traffic running at kmph, and a Dual Core is a four lane road with a traffic running at kmph, and a Quad core is eight lanes running at kmph.

Successfully reported this slideshow. Thanx for the info… i just started to study all these difference… Its very useful to me and not only to me—-to all of them. All lanes cores are running at the same speed, but more lanes cores can pass a lot more traffic Information or Data than a single.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Desperate need of more speed faster processing is the basic reason of why technology turned or shifted to Dual Core. Desktop and Mobile Processors. It is based on the concept of stored program control. A higher number within a processor class or family generally indicates more features, but it may be more of one and less of another.

Placement Interview Sample paper question answer on Microprocessor Ans. Differeence carries data from the memory.

More Cores or Faster Clock Speed? One solution is to add an enable input to a MUX. Difference between dual core and core 2 duo pdf download the modern Intel-based processors run in the enhanced mode which are capable to dua, in between real mode and protected mode, which is the current mode of operation. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Maximum turbo frequency indicates the highest possible frequency achievable when conditions allow the processor to enter turbo mode.

Intel Dual Core processors are downgraded version of Core 2 Duo, less expensive with smaller cache, but still very adequate for general mainstream computer use. In day-to-day tasks, both will seem similar, or at worse the HP will seem slower than the Gateway at an earlier bettween in its useful life.

Basically, the difference between dual core processors and the Core 2 Duo processors is just in the semantics as Core 2 Duo is simply a name given to a more recent family of dual core processors. Only 5 bits are used for the different flags.

A lot will depend upon the usage of your computer. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. This is when the “valve” is closed, and no electrical signal is allowed to pass to the output. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Microprocessor interview questions on 27 What are the types of flags in ? Address bus of is of 16 bits.