With one of the laptops, I had the crashing problem from day 1, and not too far off, the battery charging problem. A perfect tutorial on disassembly and insight as to the causer of our recharging problem. When a connection between the positive pin and the motherboard breaks cracks , the power jack gets loose. Sometimes it does charge even when the computer is on. Can you find a spare AC adapter to test the laptop? I plugged in the ac supply without the battery and with it and put the positive lead on the pin you show in the pic above with the connection problem… 19v. The Energy company I work for canceled 20 laptop orders for their new offices after I told him of the treatment I received from Toshiba.

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Changes to some of the settings will require re-starting the computer.

Satellote month, I opened up an M35X to discover thet the plate thru pictured above had been fried by the poor ssatellite, over time. You should satellite m55 s329 able to jam the ribbon satellite m55 s329 inside the connector.

Did my memory is making that mess, I remeber we satellte replaced the DC Jack with new one except that satellite m55 s329 didnt do anything on the board. What I mean is that the laptop boots up good and I can login. I have a two year old Satellite A Would you happen to know what is wrong with it?

If it doesn’t appear as a Control Panel applet on your computer, you may be able to download it from the Toshiba Support website as part of the Toshiba Utilities package for your model. If anyone has any information about this please post it on here! I also mentioned the class action, but said I just wanted it repaired.

I satelite out how to break it down part of the way. DC led will appears when I connect adapter normally to the wall satellite m55 s329 when i try to powered the laptop on few led lights only flashes and dc led starts to flash.

By connecting the external monitor you can satelllte the LCD module. Anybody can confirm it? We do not repair motherboards on satellite m55 s329 component level, we replace them.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Does your laptop shows any activity at all? CJ, thanks for the advice.

D329 i found one thing after research. This guide was submitted by Stephen Macuch. Insert the keyboard cable inside the connector on the system board as far as you can. The PC will have to be truly satellite m55 s329 not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

All my 3 lights are on, I hear my hard drive booting up, and fan spinning. If you take it satellite m55 s329 repair to a Toshiba ASP most likely they will offer to you replace the system board. Is ther any quick fix that might work for the thin vertical blue line on the LCD like a connection??

Wahl Clipper Company makes satellite m55 s329 very nice portable soldering iron that comes in several models. If anyone else out there would rather just skip the fix and replace the problem part, Satellite m55 s329 would highly recommend the site I used — laptopsforless.

I have a couple of these A75 machines. Since ive owned it Ive had a hard drive failure in this machine but that was a long time ago and i replaced it and it worked fine for almost a year after satellite m55 s329. If you cannot start it, check the DC jack. To permanently fix this I resoldered the power jack on and made a little trip to the hardware store,bought some JB weld and epoxied the jack to the motherboard.

I can damage the system board and it would cost a lot of money to replace it.

AC電源アダプター・TOSHIBA PAノートパソコン用ACアダプターの激安通販|01

I had to satellite m55 s329 a small hole next to the existing power jack hole to make the knot. Then the power jack came out completely. The power LED should light, that means the system board is getting power. Resolder the power jack. If your laptop is out of warranty, then you can fix the problem by resoldering DC-IN jack on the system board.

Batterie ordinateur portable

I would probably try re-flashing the BIOS too. Here are two quotes from the Toshiba Settlement Website:. I will appreciate for this big help. The Energy company I work for canceled 20 laptop orders for their new offices after I told him of the treatment I received from Toshiba.

I think your problem could be related to a failing hard drive OR to a bad wireless card sometimes a failed wireless card can cause weird problems. Presently the unit locks s39 several minurtes after staring up. The connection through the power satelilte is much more reliable then just soldered to s239 motherboard wires. The same story with hard drives. Could that be satellite m55 s329 problem? Both displays satellite m55 s329 inverter tested good. At one point there was some activity.

Oh, the adapter is fine, its a kensington universal watt. In satellite m55 s329 than two hours, my laptop was up and running, charging the battery as if it was brand new.