November 2, at 4: My laptop booted to the username screen. I have a Acer Aspire ! Rkill from this site: Learn about different types of internal wireless cards and how they are connected to the motherboard. I googled my problem about white screen on my laptop.

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In other positions it is jittery and flashing lines across the screen and other positions it is normal, of course that position changes depending on duration of use.

This would help very much. Can you get video on the external monitor when the laptop screen is disconnected? All internal components are connected to the system board. Also, could be defective LCD screen.

LCD screen turned completely white

I would like to ask that, what would I do if my laptop does not start up right away when I pressed the power button. Usually you can change touch pad sensitivity through that software. Thank you for your help. My question is why would it act slny that?

Ok i know this is kind of a stupid question but could you tell me the name of the connector that sony vaio vgn – cr23g connect into the video card. Connect an external monitor and test your laptop while the internal LCD is disconnected. When you turn on the laptop, it starts but fgn image on the screen is completely white right from the beginning. I own a hp pavillion zv Imean it gets black that you can not see any thing. But how can I fix it? My laptop is Acer Aspire running on Linux Mint.

As a lay person, I was told it was a fibre problem.

All main laptop and notebook parts explained

When the display is closed the backlight is off. Here is the thing: I had the white screen problem after installing a new lcd in a toshiba satelite. Could it be a failing board or battery problem?

Bob December 19, Thanks for all your help. Robin May 30, I measure the voltage with the JAE connector plug-in, respectively: Sony vaio vgn – cr23g randomly turning jittery white, perhaps from vibration. May 14, at sony vaio vgn – cr23g All other cables and the inverter is in commission.

Do you have enough memory? Sastry August 19, I knew I was on the right track. Hi, I have the same white screen on an Acer notebook, your information was very useful. February 4, at 2: It works fine, Vyn did lots of long tests and many vtn and everything is ok.

All main laptop and notebook parts explained | Laptop Parts

That means the LCD screen has to be replaced. From sony vaio vgn – cr23g experience I can tell that this problem may be related to the following: Could be loose connection. Why and how to fix it? Benjamin June 3, I have a compaq presariothe monitor is white but works with a external hooked up.

No Sir, i can not boot to the desktop in safe mode.

Jennifer May 21, December 6, at 1: You can check this fuse with a multi-meter and see if it has broken continuity.