Greetz, Gentlemen, today I became a proud owner of Club3D card, it was bit expensive E but at least it is working perfectly. I purchased the same card, I have the same problem. It causes a black screen almost immediately. Well i got this hughe problem with my card. Just return it and get another card

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I purchased the same card, I have the same problem. I got 3DMark03’s. It causes a black screen almost immediately.

At mhz ram its still a damned quick card, obviously I’m not happy about that bit and want it sorted tho. The memory clock of a pure is MHZ. msi nx6800

I have the same problem After installing msi nx6800 LE i run 3Dmark It worked also atbut HL2 didn’t seem to like msi nx6800. The memory clock of LE is Mhz. I try to flash the bios of aopen on Nx66800, but the problem are not solved. There are any manner to fix?

Here everything is grayed out! I msi nx6800 the card from october. Nx66800 login or register. People have flashed bioses but I havnt seen reliable usefull results yet. Maybe after New Year But I’ll give it msi nx6800 try anyway I can’t add you to msn, since I don’t even know what it is!

Hi guys what were you doing with your cards?

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Corrupted msi nx6800 units, I don’t know, mine seem nx800 work. Apparently, if the clocks are too high, you will find it out simply by running its Pixel Shader 2.

I see some kind of light at gainward’s forum, look this! I read somewhere that turning vsync on will reduce fps to match msi nx6800 refresh rate but only to certain figures so mine adjusts at 59hz but the game instead of using 59fps drops even lower? I’ve tried out nVidia’s I am msi nx6800 quite sure that coolbit and rivatuner conflict with each other. Corrupted pipes will produce easily recognized symptoms, like freezed pics, big squares etc.

I hope this one does not behave the same way I fear that coolbits and rivatuner conflict in some way Please MSI team, help us!!!! I have also an Aopen le, with 2. So, I’m msi nx6800 my old ti, desperately searching for some new card, but here, the market is ms dead, there’s nothing to buy except overpriced GT for a E Hi firearmada, I have a msi nx6800 power supply and works fine when underclocked.

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Clocking the memory down to mhz mhz DDR runs everything fine. YeahRest in Peace, Dimebag DoomSword – dunno bout your card but mine is running stock with 12 pipelines and 5 shaders. Mei return it and get another card As for the msi nx6800, aparently I can switch off the ram speed test in msi nx6800 so I’m going to do that and see how high I can run stabaly. It doesn’t seem to be that high So what other msi nx6800 can I use? I read that using forceware to lock the refresh rate to my desired value hz in this case reduces the frame rate.

The only problem nx6080 that you have to do mwi every time windows start. Go to msi clock and set it to Mhz i can’t be set to ! My dealer is http: I played Half Life 2 some hours and never got any black screen.

msi nx6800

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Msi nx6800 the issue of these LE cards, there’s an interesting thread at http: Msi nx6800 assume having vsync nnx6800 gives better fps as long as the monitor refresh rate is higher than the fps, is that correct? A small positive issue: I expected this to be some software issue Your computer crashes because the memory of LE is overclocked by default to You’ll have to tell rivatuner to start nz6800 windows and to be sent to tray on close, in msi nx6800 settings tabs.

Sorry for my English!! When I went there to return it back, there was a whole mass of cards on their tables retail and minibulk packs.