This problem occurs when you use the camera under fluorescent lights due to the mismatch between lighting output frequency and shutter speed. See the online specifications to see whether your model supports the Bluetooth functionality. How do I check the volume of the recovery partition? LINK connection may vary, depending on a software application, an operating system, and a compatible i. If you choose a different regional keyboard when you complete the Windows setup, the key configuration will be mismatched. Click Open classic appearance properties for more color options. Page For customers in Latin American countries or areas Customer Information Center If you do not find the information you are looking for at our site, you may call Sony directly.

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Disconnecting the drive when the computer is in a power saving mode Sleep or Hibernate may cause the computer to malfunction. Using the Power Saving Modes When you use a battery pack as sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera power vbn-cr320e for your computer, you can take advantage of the power management settings to conserve battery life.

Selecting Display Modes You can select which display to be used cameraa the primary monitor when an external display desktop monitor, etc.

Plug the cable into an ordinary telephone and listen for a dial tone. Be sure to use the device that is designed to format the media and supports the Memory Stick media when formatting the media. If you want to reformat the sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera with your computer, follow these steps. Formatting the Memory Stick media erases the entire data on the media.


Be sure to start up your computer with only the supplied accessories connected and set up your system. Why son my screen display a video?

Customizing Your VAIO Computer Logging Onto Your System To use the camear authentication sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera in place of password entry to log onto your system, vgn-cr3320e need to set the power-on and Windows passwords and avio your computer for fingerprint authentication. What should I do if the pointer does not move when I use my mouse? Page 54 At the confirmation prompt, click OK.

Using Special-function Buttons Your computer is equipped with special buttons to help you use specific functions of the computer. Page Double-click the optical disc drive device to open a list of the optical disc drives of your computer. Display Display Why did my screen go sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera Bluetooth devices use the technology to minimize the interference from other devices that use the same wave length.

However, it can be easily damaged by mechanical vibration, shock, or dust. To erase the enrolled fingerprints Turn on the computer.

Carefully slide the Memory Stick media into the slot until it clicks into place. Using the Touch Pad You can point to, select, drag, and scroll objects on the screen using the touch pad. If you think your modem is not connecting properly to other PC-based modems, fax machines, or vgj-cr320e ISP, do any of the following: What should I do if the LCD brightness of my screen changes?

Sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera the Current password field, enter your current password. Sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera any problems occur, unplug the computer and contact an authorized Sony Service Center.

Sony VGN-CR305E User Manual

Touch Pad What should I do if the touch pad does not work? The Display Settings window appears. Removing and Installing a Memory Module To change or add a memory module Shut down the computer and disconnect all peripheral devices. How do I check the volume of the recovery partition? System Security How can I protect my computer against security threats, such as viruses?

Be sure to insert the connector edge of the memory module into the slot while aligning the notch on the module with the small projection in the open slot. To save your preference for the brightness, follow these steps: Sony has combined sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera technology in audio, video, computing, and communications to provide state-of-the-art personal computing experience.

See the sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera specifications to see whether your model supports the Bluetooth functionality. See Charging the Battery Pack page sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera See the program’s help file for more information.

Table Of Contents Mouse See the printed Instant Mode booklet for more information on Instant Mode.

Create DVDs by capturing video contents straight from a DV device or by importing video from stored files vgn-r320e and you can also edit the video. To find the nearest center or agent, see Sony Support Information page Sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera you are not using your floppy sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera, always remove it from the floppy disk drive acmera use a storage case. Adjust the screen resolution to x or smaller. You can set up an ad-hoc network easily at home.

Keyboard What should I do soony the keyboard configuration is wrong? Close all programs that are accessing the floppy disk drive. Remove the disc from the optical disc drive.

A nd these are not all cases You may find our web-store helpful. Microphone Troubleshooting Microphone What should I avio if my microphone does not work? Vgn-cg320e a metal object to discharge static electricity. Removing a Memory Card Do not remove a memory card while the To remove a memory card Check that the SD memory card indicator light is off.

If sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera are using an external sony vaio vgn-cr320e camera, make sure the microphone is turned on and is properly plugged into the microphone jack on your computer. Page What should I do if other Bluetooth devices cannot connect to my computer?

Your computer must be connected to the Internet before you can receive updates.